These links connect you to some of the numerous talented musicians, artists and filmmakers whom I've had (and have) the pleasure and privledge of working with and knowing. Each person brings their own unique skill and beauty to their craft. As commrades in a common mission of sharing quality music and art with others, I am happy to link you to these wonderful people.

Musicians Extraordinaire

Bili Turner

John R Burr

Mark Holzinger

Bill Lanphier

Ruth Davies

Fred Ross

Sam Bevan

Tom Politzer

Michaelle Goerlitz

Amy Cyr

Darlene Parilla

Ben Keim

Barbara Higbie

Uncle Eye

Jerome Hines

Bobby McFerrin

Carl Anderson

Giorgio Tozzi

Gordon Epperson

Artists & Filmmakers

Brian Clarke

Les Toil

Sofie Siegmann

Linda Grebmeier

Tyler MacNiven

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